I believe that in the turmoil of our

   struggling economy the strength of our

   nation is shifting back into the hands

   of the small business.

            It is an exciting time. 

                      Be part of the change.

        Be part of the solution.



VENTURE: Master Math Mentor


IDEA: Create a website to give-away the incredibly useful calculus materials developed by Stu Schwartz, a dynamic high-school teacher from Wissahickon High School in Ambler, PA.  This was one of my first adventures with the concept of FREE.  A huge success!

  • Share a valuable resource for Calculus Teachers for FREE!
  • Promote the work of a retired high-school teacher who has a wealth of experience to share.
  • Leverage the "FREE" business model to make money.


CLICK HERE to visit the website www.MasterMathMentor.com


[+] How did the idea originate?

[+] How successful has the website been?

[+] How quickly did the website become a success?

[+] Why is this such a powerful business model?


Can I advertise on MasterMathMentor.com? [+]

Can you help me to put my materials on the web for FREE? [+]

Is Stu a guru of Calculus? [+]
   (yes and no!)

What were the start-up costs? [+]


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