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Necessity... is the mother of invention.
                    - Plato
Diligence is the mother of good luck.
                    - Benjamin Franklin
The American Dream is the mother of fast food.
                    - ted tyree


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When I was a boy, my siblings and I would occasionally wander around the house whining, "I'm bored." My Mother lovingly chided us, "You have no right to be bored. The world is full of wonderful and interesting things to learn and do." I have come to find that... well... she was right.
I am fascinated by the world around us. There seems no end to the vastness, intricacies, and undiscovered things within our grasp. Every exploration hangs at the edge of exasperation while trying to acquire that which stretches further than we can see. Yet the pursuit itself is wonderful. There is always more... something more interesting than what I know now... something more fascinating to learn... something more amazing...  more unfathomable.


This website is a collection of the intrigue of thought, philosophy, faith, science, music, art, curiosity, and fascination of our world. A celebration of life. A tribute to our creator.
There is never enough time left in each day to Create. Study. Touch. See. Learn. Change. Build. Design. Paint. Share. Investigate. Ponder. Marvel.  
I hope you take time to turn off the tv and join me in a quest to soak up as much of life as possible.


-Ted Tyree





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