I believe that in the turmoil of our

   struggling economy the strength of our

   nation is shifting back into the hands

   of the small business.

            It is an exciting time. 

                      Be part of the change.

        Be part of the solution.



VENTURE: ExactlyDat.com


IDEA: Create a directory of businesses and resources that is easy to navigate/search. 

STATUS: Just getting started

  • Make it easy for people searching the internet to find EXACTLY what they are looking for.  (for example, all dog groomers in the local area.  All parks in the local area.)
  • Promote local businesses - for FREE!
  • Share the value of the SEO and marketing evenly across businesses. (very important!)
  • Make money.  (hey - the business model has to be sustainable or everyone loses!)


CLICK HERE to visit the website www.ExactlyDat.com


[+] How did the idea originate?

[+] What are the next steps?

[+] Why does this have the potential of being a powerful business model?


Can I join your team? [+]

How do I get listed on ExactlyDat.com? [+]

Can I advertise on ExactlyDat.com? [+]

What were the start-up costs? [+]


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