"It takes an army to raise a child."

                                 - African Proverb

                                 (slightly paraphrased)

Fatherly Advice


Something that I think 90% of America is lacking - Fatherly Advice.  In the good-old days kids used to grow up next to Mom and Dad and get mentored and 'shaped' (except for kids whose Father was a explorer of the antarctic and were gone for years at a time - now days we just hop on a jet and then come home of the weekend).  But I truly believe that one of the major threats to the fabric of our society is the lack of Fatherly Advice.  It is best shared one-on-one - parent to child.  But in the event that such options are not available, well, I want to do my part to help fill the void.  Here is some of the fatherly advice that I would like to share with my own children if they would only listen.

  • Setting goals in life
  • Dealing with the toughest times
  • Why faith is important
  • Economics 101


Useless Information:

Fathers are full of useless information - but sometimes its that useless information that we pass on as a inheritance of the 'family name' (a useless inheritance... but one that characterizes us).  Here is some of those nuggets of gold:

  • How to get your kids friends to think you are cool
  • How to have a nerf-gun war
  • How to shave and leave stubble
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