Ted Tyree
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         ... teaches, trains, counsels
      ... engages others
        ted is a nomaly
Necessity... is the mother of invention.
                    - Plato
Diligence is the mother of good luck.
                    - Benjamin Franklin
The American Dream is the mother of fast food.
                    - ted tyree


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Give Up to Shake Up

People making a Difference


The idea is simple.  Find people in the world who are truly making a difference.  Not just sharing their faith... but sharing their time, resources, and life.  People investing in people.  Making a difference by meeting the physical needs and the spiritual needs of others.  And help by supporting them in their efforts!





Starting a movement...

I've created a website that I hope will help start a movement among others who are also interested in giving up something to shake up our community and our world.  Come visit the site!  Help make a difference!



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