What I believe

                            defines me.

My Faith


I believe Jesus is Lord[a][b] over everything[c]; Author[d], Creator[e], and the only one who can provide forgiveness[f] for the things I have done that have broken my relationship with God.  The Bible is God's Word[g] and the basis by which we can get to know Him; His character, His love[h] for us, His forgiveness for us, and His intent for our lives[i].


It is not Jesus "and"... It is not Jesus "and" this self help plan... Jesus and these three steps... Jesus and this magic prayer.  It is solely the name of Jesus[j]. Him alone. He is the authority over all things[k]. He is the deity[l].  He the foundation for our lives[m]. He is the gate for the sheep[n] (thats us). He is the light for our path in life[o]. He is the way. He is the truth. He is the life[p].

There is no other hope[q]. I do not hope in money[r]. I do not trust in the good of mankind. I do not wait on the government for my help[s]. I do not anticipate answers from counsellors[t]. I do not grovel for love from friends[u]. God is love[v]. God is my counsellor[w]. God is my help[x]. God is good[y]. God is great[z]. I thank Him for my food (childhood prayer). He provides for our needs[aa]. He provides our resources[bb]. He is my rock[cc]. He is my shield and protection[dd]. He is my fortress[ee], a safe hiding place. He is my deliverer[ff].


When I am searching for peace, Jesus is the answer[gg]. When I am searching for truth, Jesus is the answer[p]. When I am searching for rest, Jesus is the answer[hh]. When I am thirsty or hungry, Jesus, who is the living water[ii], the bread of life[jj], who is the Word of God[kk], He alone... He is the answer!

There is no other name with this kind of authority[ll]. Only the name of Jesus. Jesus is everything to me, my "All in All"[mm]

I praise the name of Jesus. I proclaim the name of Jesus. I call on the name of Jesus[nn]! At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow[oo]. At the dawn of Jesus the dead shall rise[pp]. He is the Word of God[kk]. He is the only truth[qq].  He is the beginning and the end[rr].


I have asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life.


- Ted Tyree



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