I believe that in the turmoil of our

   struggling economy the strength of our

   nation is shifting back into the hands

   of the small business.

            It is an exciting time. 

                      Be part of the change.

        Be part of the solution.



New Ideas!


Ok... I mean ideas that are new to me.  I haven't researched most of these to see if someone else out there has already tought of these ideas or created prototypes, or maybe have been already marketing for the past 20 years.  But I put the ideas out there... free of charge... no string attached.  Hey - if you take one of these ideas and run with it, let me know!  (Maybe a little credit for having the idea would be nice, or sharing some of the profit.  lol)  Lets dream together.  Lets collaborate.  Lets make this world a better place together.


  • Switch Off Computer Updates: Laptop with a physical switch.  When the switch is OFF, nothing in the operating system folders can be updated/changed.  When the switch is ON you can install software and update configurations.  (Also leads to a token based permissions system that defines writable areas/subfolders per app/service - such that an application has jurisdiction over its area and cannot write anywhere else.  Must use its token for all read/writes.  An app can also provide a temporary token to another app/service to allow it to write into its own folder area... but the token would have to be registered with the OS by the 'owner' app.)
  • Encrypted Browsing: Web browser and webportal with encrypted connection.  Provides a gateway to search the web with complete privacy and no trace as to where you've been or what you were viewing.  No cache.  Filtered content (not trying to promote illegal or immoral activity).  Can provide safe clean family-friendly surfing for citizen of countries that do not have the freedoms that we have in the USA.  (Use a service like OpenDNS to filter content)
  • Sync-Source Safe: Utilizing a backup/sync-folders utility with an archive feature as a solution for providing a source-safe.  For a small team of developers who are implementing a minimal number of changes, the idea is to periodically (nightly or whenever the developer clicks a 'sync' button) syncronize the current code files with a master 'backup'.  Files that have changed would get archived with a date/time.  The end result is that you don't need a fancy system to track changes.  No check-in/check-out.  You will have a working backup and an archive of changes over time.  (Still need to think through how to handle 'working version' markers... ability to roll back to a working version.  Maybe just record the date/time of a working version/published version so you can roll back to that date/time based on the archived files.  Not sure the real value in a roll-back feature in a world where you rarely roll back... mostly have to identify the issues, which can be done with a compare of older versions, and roll forward!)  NOTE: I have already developed this sync model for website and website source development. 
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