"It takes an army to raise a child."

                                 - African Proverb

                                 (slightly paraphrased)

Ted Quotes


(I cannot take credit for any of these quotes as being original - who knows if I first heard them someone else - but none-the-less, here they are.)


"I think I know what I want to be when I grow up... a philanthropist." - Ted has said.


"'Finished' is the state of indifference to the things left to be done." - Ted Tyree


"The best is none too good."  - Andrew Tyree (Grandad) ... carried forward by Tom Tyree (Dad)


"It takes an army to raise a child." - African Proverb (slightly paraphrased)


"There is nothing more important, more engaging, or more relavant to our lives today than God's Word."

-Ted Tyree


"Uncertainty is hard to digest" -Ted Tyree


When asked about the difference between life "goals" and "dreams", my son responded...

"Dreams are goals that can be shot down by statistics."

     - Gregory Tyree


"one of the best programming skills that every programmer needs to learn is humility" - Ted Tyree


Best kept secret in the tech world - "Proximity enablization" - It is a new technology that they have installed in almost all contemporary electronic devices that enable them to work flawlessly when in proximity of an IT Helpdesk technician - and in their absence malfunction.

-Ted Tyree


"Free advice is worth about as much as you pay for it"  - Pa Tyree (Dad)... usually stated right after he has graciously shared truly valuable free advice to his children or other family and friends


Your flourishing is never just about you.  It is a "so that" kind of condition. God designed you to flourish "so that" you could be part of his redemptive project in ways that you otherwise could not. He wants you to flourish "so that" people can be encouraged, gardens can be planted, music can be written, sick people can be helped, or companies can thrive in ways that they otherwise would not. When you fail to become the person God designed, all the rest of us miss out on the gift you were made to give. - John Ortberg, The Me I Want to Be, Ch 2


There are three stages of aging. 1) denial. 2)... ... ... ok maybe there is only one stage.

- Me (at age 50)

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