I believe that in the turmoil of our

   struggling economy the strength of our

   nation is shifting back into the hands

   of the small business.

            It is an exciting time. 

                      Be part of the change.

        Be part of the solution.



VENTURE: TheWebsiteParkingLot.com


IDEA: Create a content management system that provides low-cost website solutions for churches, non-profits, and small businesses.  Great success!

  • Make valuable web resources available to a group often left out of the arena.
  • Simplify website management so that the customers can manage the sites themselves (thus further reducing their ongoing costs).
  • Provide better and more affordable websites to organizations that already own a website (we helped a non-profit that was paying $400/mo for a website solution reduce their costs down to a $10/mo website solution)
  • Make money.  (hey - the business model has to be sustainable or everyone loses!)


CLICK HERE to visit the website www.TheWebsiteParkingLot.com


[+] How did the idea originate?

[+] How successful has it been?

[+] How quickly did the venture become a success?

[+] Why is this such a powerful business model?


Can you help me to create a low-cost web solution? [+]

How many employees do you have? [+]

What were the start-up costs? [+]

How do you ensure up-time, security, and quality? [+]

   (do you hvae a server sitting in your livingroom?)

Can I join your team? [+]


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