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Necessity... is the mother of invention.
                    - Plato
Diligence is the mother of good luck.
                    - Benjamin Franklin
The American Dream is the mother of fast food.
                    - ted tyree


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Word of God Speak!


"There is nothing more important, more engaging, or more relavant to our lives today than God's Word."

-Ted Tyree


I once heard a guest speaker at church talk about his faith journey.  He and his wife had grown up in the church, but did not have much of a faith or Christian practice of their own.  One day a Bible salesman came to the door.  They figured... well... we are Christians... we should have a Bible.  So the bought one.  And if we are going to buy one, we might as well get a nice one.  So they bought one of the biggest Bibles that the salesman had to offer.


After that they thought to themselves... well... if we spent that much money on the book, we might as well READ it.  So he started lugging the thing to work with him and his wife started reading it to herself at home.  At a certain point, he started feeling convicted about what he was reading and realized that he needed to repent and ask Jesus to be Lord of his Life.  He decided to talk to his wife about it and to his surprise she was thinking the same thing!  They did just that and began a life journey that led them both to be missionaries.


What I took away from that story is this - our faith is based on the Bible - God's Word.   It is not based on a certain pastor, or evangelist, or a little pamphlet with 5 steps to becoming a Christian.  To become a follower of Jesus someone simply needs to read His words and decide to follow him.


When I began my relationship with God as a teen, one of the first things that helped me to learn about God and grow in my understanding of Him was the Bible.  The Bible is God's Word.  I have realized as I have grown-up over the years that there is very little I can say that is useful to the people around me other than to share God's Word and help engage people in God's Word.  I read it regularly.  I work to memorize parts of it. I am energized by teaching concepts and passages to others from the Bible.  I enjoy it. I love it! Much of my life is centered around the Bible and sharing it.


Here is a site I am working on to promote ... you guessed it... God's Word:



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