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Kids Worship Overview


To see the plans for this coming Sunday and the next worship practice: CLICK HERE


How Sunday Morning Works:

All worship team members - including those who could not make practice - are invited to help lead music during FIRST SERVICE (which is the only service that kids worship occurs). 

  •  At the beginning of announcements, the worship team leaders (your kids) will leave the sanctuary and head back to the kids worship area (the FLC).
  • Someone will be there to meet the team members and tell them which songs will be sung that day.
  • At the end of announcements, all the other kids will come back to the room.
  • The kids worship team will lead 3 songs (typically).  Usually all of the Kids Worship Leaders are performing on stage (which may change if our group gets too large - if needed we may alternate Sundays).   Also, we typically ask one student for each song to stand with the audience and lead the students on stage in the motions.  We try to let kids volnteer for this leadership role.
  • After leading the songs, anyone that is 4th grade and younger will stay for the kids program.
  • 5th graders and older may then return to the sanctuary (unless other arrangements have been made)
  • 4th graders and younger will stay for the Kids Worship lesson and activities.
Worship Practice - How it Works:
The practices are designed to help students strengthen their worship leadership skills, learn the song and motions, and gel as a group.

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